About Direction Mortgage

Direction Mortgage Company (Direction Mortgage) was originally an investment firm, established in 1991. Officially, the company became a mortgage broker in 1992. Direction Mortgage has become one of the top brokers and is the oldest mortgage broker servicing Pickaway County.

With literally thousands of lenders offering hundreds of different loan programs, it is very difficult for the average consumer to choose the option for which they are best suited. That is where Direction Mortgage can help! We stay up-to-date with all the latest industry programs, and we are pros at sifting through the loan maze to find the one that best fits your needs. With Direction Mortgage, you will find the right loan, from the right lender, at the right time.

Direction Mortgage is a proud member of the Central Ohio Better Business Bureau, and the Pickaway County Chamber of Commerce.

Direction Mortgage Staff

Rich Buskirk

Operations Manager(NMLS #244659 and OH License #020698.000)

Rich has been a member of the Direction Mortgage professional staff since 2004. A graduate of Logan Elm High School and DeVry Institute of Technology, Rich has over 20 years of customer service experience and truly enjoys assisting the residents of his hometown. Rich specializes in rural development and FHA loans and has extensive knowledge in the repair of past credit problems.

Contact Rich at 740.474.5999 or 740.497.0895.
Email: rich@directionmortgage.com

Katie DeLille

Katie DeLille

Loan Officer

NMLS # 2546595
Contact Katie at 740.412.0505.
Email: katie@directionmortgage.com

First Appointment Checklist

  • W-2 Form for the Past 2 Years
  • Two Recent Months of Bank Statements
  • Past 30-Days Worth of Pay Stubs
  • Driver's License

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